(A Piece of) God Complex – Part 1

The government has Christopher strapped to an operating table with this rib cage spread like a bone flower searching for the shard of God inside of him. They’ll check for the language of… Continue reading

With a Werewolf Smile

Draft 1 There’s a homeless man in Florida who wants to see how much of a man I am. There’s a homeless man in Florida that has a 9mm pistol pointed at my… Continue reading

The Incredible Nakedness of Bob

Bob slept naked on the bed above me. I was fully clothed on the truck cab’s floor secretly holding a push knife underneath my coat/pillow. As much as I enjoyed the company of… Continue reading

Oh The Places You’ll Sleep!

The Places I’ve Slept as of Night 50? (Not Ordered) Baseball dugout. Under a bridge. Miniature golf course. Behind a fence at a truck stop. A low billboard. The roof of a pavilion.… Continue reading

The Past: Prostitutes and Pillows

(I’m going to intersperse some updated travel writing from previous adventures, they will all have The Past: tag.) We drove straight into a blizzard. Hunkered down in a Best Western right now. I… Continue reading

Beside You In Time

For the second time in as many days, I woke up in a baseball dugout that was built on the top of a giant green ant hill. NightmaresĀ  had eaten up a portion… Continue reading

Going Down With Mr. South

Mr. South, who vibrates his words from the back of his throat, feverishly detailed the night he muff dove a redhead. According to him, she loved downtown time and at some point during… Continue reading

The Curious Life of Dan in Three Hours and Thirty-Two Minutes

The story of Dan’s decision to join the Marines is a simple one. He wanted to get away from his hometown, as do most young males. The object to push him over the… Continue reading

A Day of Strange Gods

Currently Writing Something Titled: The Secret History of Things Between Us This is coming from a truck stop in North Carolina. I got picked up three times today, unfortunately, they were only for… Continue reading